Floor Laying FAQ’s

Q. Do you supply and fit flooring?
A. Yes we supply and fit all types of Hardwood, Engineered, Laminate, Parquet, Herring Bone and Karndean. You can browse some our products on our products page. We also offer a supply only service for customers requiring only the materials at great prices.

Q. What is solid flooring?
A. Solid flooring is hard, real wood flooring. Solid means that the floorboards are made from hardwood from top to bottom of each board.

Q. Are estimates free?
A. Yes all estimates are free, with no obligation to proceed.

Q. What is Engineered Flooring?
A. Engineered Flooring is flooring which has a 3-5mm hardwood top surface. This means you are getting hardwood flooring in an engineered board which can be sanded at a later date when need be.

Q. Do you offer samples of flooring?
A. Yes we can provide samples of the flooring that is of interest to you. Just ask our team prior to a site visit and we will bring along the required samples.

Floor Sanding FAQ’s

Q. Will there be a lot of dust?
A. No, we use the most up to date machinery which uses vacuum’s to collect 95% of the dust whilst sanding. The rooms are also vacuumed afterwards to collect any remaining dust.

Q. When can I get an estimate?
A. We can arrange a time day or evening that suits you to come around and have a look at the job and give you a free estimate.

Q. How long will sanding my floor take?
A. Depending on which type of varnish you choose to go for the job can be completed within a day or two.

Q. What are the different varnishes?
A. There is a quick drying varnish which we can use to get all of the coats of varnish completed within one day. This comes in different finishes of matt, satin and gloss. There is also another varnish which we use which takes longer to dry. This is slightly cheaper but takes a little longer for the job to be completed.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Getting your floor sanded can range in price starting from £10 per square metre for a basic buff and coat. All depending on your floor we will give you the best price possible.

Q. Can I get my sanded floor a different colour?
A. Yes. We have an extensive range of wood dye. This would be applied before the coats of varnish.

Q. My floor has loose boards and damaged from being removed. What should I do?
A. We can also repair and/or replace floorboards as required. 

Q. How many times can my floor be sanded?
A. Your floor can be sanded 2-3 times depending on which type of wood it is. We can advise you on this when looking at your floor on estimation.

Q. Are estimates free?
A. Yes all estimates are free, with no obligation to proceed.